Give an old dog a home this Christmas

Wednesday, 19th December 2012

When it comes to adopting a dog most people are only interested in puppies, but one new owner in Aberdeenshire has spoken of her joy at taking in a 20-year-old border collie/retriever cross named Libby after her previous owner passed away.

Tanya Croucher adopted Libby from the Banff and Aberdeenshire Rescue and Rehoming Kennels (BARRK), and says that despite her staggering age, arthritis and poor hearing, she is still full of beans.

Fully grown dogs often have a hard time finding a new home, but the rewards of adopting an adult animal can in fact be great, as they come ready house-trained and are often in greater need of love and affection.

Ms Croucher insists that most people do not realise "how rewarding it is to give a senior dog a warm loving home", and says the gratitude shown by Libby has been "priceless".

In the 12 months to October 2012, BARRK was able to rehome 179 dogs, compared to just 92 the previous year.