Former first dog gets presidential portrait

Tuesday, 12th March 2013

Former US president George W Bush has been in the news lately for his painting skills, after a number of files on his personal computer including images of his artwork were hacked and leaked to the media.

And now it seems the retired politician has been turning his artistic attention to his pet dogs, even posting some of the portraits he's done on his Facebook page.

According to Fox News, Bush's art teacher Bonnie Flood says the former president has painted around 50 dogs, including his pet Barney who had accompanied him in the White House but who died earlier this year of lymphoma.

While painting dog portraits may seem like an unlikely pastime for a former world leader, it just goes to show that the bond between people and animals can affect just about anyone. Many owners even find that painting their pets is a great way to honour their memory after their furry friends pass away.