Fish out of water: pet survives six hours in the open air

Monday, 25th February 2013

The phrase 'like a fish out of water' has until now been used to describe a situation to which someone is not able to adapt, although one plucky little fish from Massachusetts in the US has proved the old adage to be somewhat wide of the mark after surviving for six hours without any H2O.

Eighteen-year-old Big Blue was found flopping around on top of the rocks in his tank by a pet shop worker after the glass had been smashed by a thief in the night.

The shop's owner, Bob Schenck, told the Herald News that, against all odds, Big Blue was "still kicking" when he found her, and appears to have survived the ordeal relatively unscathed.

The fish is now recovering in a new tank, although Mr Schenck insists she is not totally out of the woods yet, saying: "It's going to take at least seven to ten days to see what the repercussions [to Big Blue's health] are."