Feed cats small amounts of cat food regularly

Monday, 25th June 2012

It is better to regularly feed cats small amounts of pet food instead of large meals, as many of them will eat their food too quickly otherwise and throw up as a result.

Writing for STL Today, vet Dr Michael Fox explained that there is a lot of irresponsible advertising suggesting that cats should only be given one or two meals a day, and that it is normal for them to "gobble down the dry kibble like a dog would".

However, he said that this is far from the case and that cats may be so hungry on two meals a day that they eat their food too quickly, forcing them to vomit.

"Feline veterinary experts, nutritionists and behaviorists are unanimous that a twice-a-day feeding schedule, which is fine for dogs, is biologically inappropriate for cats," he advised.

"At least four small meals a day is closer to the natural feeding pattern."