Express delivery: Cat gives birth moments after arriving at shelter

Tuesday, 19th February 2013

The RSPCA animal shelter in Hull has experienced a rather rapid increase in its feline population, after a cat was delivered to the shelter in a cardboard box and then immediately gave birth to three kittens while still in the reception.

A stray called Nina was brought in by a concerned local resident and was already in the process of giving birth when receptionist Alison Ripley opened the box to check on her, the Hull Daily Mail reports.

The three kittens have been named Natasha, Nicola and Norman by staff at the shelter and are currently being looked after by their mother.

The issue highlights the need for pet owners to have their animals neutered, as many pet cats breed with strays. This results in unwanted litters being born, all of which places yet more unnecessary pressure on animals charities and shelters which are forced to take on the burden of looking after these pets.