Dog v Postman: The battle continues

Friday, 22nd February 2013

The age-old conflict between dogs and postmen is beginning to get out of hand, which is why the Royal Mail has stepped in to address the issue.

A Rhodeisan Ridgeback named Jarvis has been really pushing the envelope of late by terrorising delivery men on his street in Manchester, despite being described by neighbours as a friendly family pet who regularly plays happily with children in the park.

And it seems Jarvis may have finally accomplished his mission to stamp out postmen, after the Royal Mail notified local residents that no more deliveries would be made to their homes.

In a letter to neighbours, the postal service confirmed that: "A health and safety risk assessment was undertaken and confirmed that the level of risk associated with delivering to your property was unacceptably high due to the threat of further dog attacks."

Jarvis's owner, Victoria Ludlow, is yet to comment, although a number of neighbours have spoken to the Daily Mail, saying the dog is not violent and poses no threat to anyone but postmen.