Wrap your pet up warm this winter

Wednesday, 19th December 2012

Dog owners across the country will no doubt be wrapping up warm for walks on these cold December days but Brits have also been urged to prepare their pets for the winter weather as well. 

Animal expert Linda Ward has urged people to get dogs, especially those which are young, elderly, ill or infirm, a coat to wear when they are outdoors this winter.

She wrote in the Brentwood Gazette: "Dogs with short coats such as greyhounds or Staffordshire bull terriers to name just two would also appreciate a coat."

Ms Ward advised Brits that they could tell if their dog is too cold if their ears and paws are cold, while more obvious signs include the formation of snow balls on their fur.

These can especially affect long haired dogs, with shorter haired breeds also likely to suffer from these on their feet.

Snow balls should be left to melt, with a hairdryer only used if your dog can tolerate it, before giving them some pet food as a treat to sooth their pains.