World's first dog pedometer goes on sale

Thursday, 6th December 2012

The first pedometer for dogs has gone on sale in Japan, after pet owners expressed concerns that animal obesity is on the rise.

Alarm bells began to ring when a pet food manufacturer carried out a survey of owners, with almost one in three describing their dog a "fat".

In response, Fujitsu has launched the Wandant dog pedometer, which is attached to the pet's collar and uses motion-tracking technology to record the number of steps taken, distance travelled, shivering motions and temperature changes.

The release comes just in time for Christmas, when owners tend to gorge not only themselves but also their pets on an extra generous diet, often leading to both humans and animals piling on the pounds.

Animal experts are warning owners not to spoil their pets this festive season, and are recommending keeping them on their regular diet.

Brands such as Burns pet food and Hills pet food are highly recommended for anyone wanting to keep their animal companions in shape this Christmas.