Woman banned from keeping dogs for ten years

Monday, 20th August 2012

An animal who was found without dog food at a residence in Motherwell has recovered well and found a new loving home.

His former owner, Adele McColl, has been banned from keeping animals for  ten years for causing unnecessary suffering to the dog, named Max.

Sam McDonald, Scottish SPCA inspector, said: "When we arrived at McColl's property in July 2010, Max was very thin and his bones could be easily felt through his skin.

"McColl's kitchen floor was completely covered in urine and there were no water or food bowls present."

He added that the wall next to the kitchen door had been clawed at, indicating that Max had been trying to escape his neglectful owner.

After being taken into care, Max put on 3.5 kg in just a month and was quick to find a loving new home.

As well as being banned from keeping animals, Ms McColl was also fined £300 for not properly caring for her animal.