Who's a clever boy? New app could help us find out

Thursday, 7th February 2013

A new app is set to be released which could give pet owners a greater insight into the intelligence level of their dog.

Dogs are known for their uncanny ability to pick up on people's moods, although whether or not they really possess the power to empathise with us remains a topic of debate.

However, the mysteries of canine behaviour could soon be unravelled thanks to a new app called Dognition, which has been developed by Brian Hare, associate professor in evolutionary anthropology at Duke University.

The app sets cognitive challenges for dogs and their owners in order to assess the five dimensions of intelligence: communication, empathy, memory, cunning and reasoning.

Data is then collected from dog owners around the world in order to allow people to see how their pet ranks in comparison to others, LiveScience reports.

While animal intelligence is largely down to genetics, the best way to keep your dog's mind operating at its full capacity is to make sure your furry friend remains active and well fed with high quality, nutritious pet food.