War veteran adopts bomb-sniffing dog

Tuesday, 14th August 2012

A war veteran has been reunited with one of his army comrades after five years apart.

US veteran Logan Black adopted bomb detection dog Diego, who he trained. The pair served together on over 40 missions in Iraq.

However, after Mr Black left the army, Diego stayed behind and even after he retired, he could have been transferred to another agency to work.

So Mr Black set up a Facebook campaign to be reunited with Diego. He said: "No doubt Diego would have found a home somewhere, but a home with me is totally different than with a new stranger.

"He was my best friend and my partner in Iraq. No matter how bad things got in Iraq, I always had something that loved me unconditionally."

While they were serving together, Diego saved his owner's life and many others more times than Mr Black could count.

Before 2000, older war dogs in the US were required to be put down but following a new law, theey can now be adopted.