Victoria Beckham splashing out on new pup

Wednesday, 1st June 2011

Along with the finest dog food and chew toys, Victoria Beckham has reportedly been splashing out on her new pup Scarlet.

According to the Daily Star, the fashion designer has been making two nurseries ready, one for her baby and one for the French Bulldog puppy.

A source told the news provider that the dog's nursery is being filled with items like a luxury dog bed and a wardrobe.

"[Scarlet] now has a mini mansion of her own, covered with hand-painted dog paws.

"The nursery comes with a bespoke bed, a wardrobe with a stack of doggy clothes and toiletries especially for top dogs, including perfume, shampoo and footspray. Victoria loves her new pet like a baby," the source is quoted as saying.

They added that the dog nursery has everything "a Hollywood pampered pooch could possibly want".

It was recently revealed that Victoria Beckham will give birth to her fourth child by caesarean section on July 4th.