Vets urge dog and cat owners to stick to pet food

Thursday, 16th February 2012

Cat and dog owners have been urged to stick to feeding their animals pet food and to avoid giving them human leftovers.

That is because the majority of vets think that feeding pets human leftovers is an important factor in increasing rates of pet obesity.

Such is the opinion of Michael Bellingham, chief executive at The Pet Food Manufacturers' Association (PFMA), who added that seven million pets are overweight, unhealthy and have a shorter life expectancy.

He said: "It is very important that pets are fed the right food for them.

"Human foods, particularly unhealthy takeaways, contain many more calories than a pet needs, as well as ingredients that are unsuitable for pets - such as the onions and garlic found in many takeaway dishes which can irritate cat's and dog's stomachs and cause anaemia."

Dairy and yeast can cause adverse effects while chocolate is toxic to both cats and dogs, Mr Bellingham added.

On February 3rd, MORE Th<N Pet Insurance revealed that 72 per cent of cat and dog owners allow their pets to eat leftovers, with fish and chips being the most popular choice.