Use food creatively when training your dog

Friday, 19th October 2012

Canine owners that want to train their animal have been advised to use its dog food as a tool for doing so.

Such is the suggestion of Jez Rose, canine behaviour specialist, who says feeding your dog in the traditional manner in a bowl is wasteful. Instead, dog lovers should try feeding their pets by hand.

"Instead of feeding in a bowl…what owners should do is weigh out the amount your dog is going to have in the morning, put it in a plastic bag and take it out on a walk with you," he said.

"Every time your dog looks at you say 'you're the best dog in the world' and give it a piece of its breakfast.

"So each piece of food becomes a training reward and if you feed by hand, it adds extra value to the food and then lo and behold, in a week's time you can have a perfectly well-trained dog," the specialist explained.

Owners are reminded that offering your hand to a dog with a bad temperament could be dangerous, and as such common sense should be exercised with this method of feeding.

You can also set your dog a fun task by throwing its food in pieces around the garden and encouraging it to sniff it out, giving the canine some exercise in the process.