US photographer exchanges pet portraits for dog food

Friday, 18th March 2011

A US photographer is putting his skills to good use by exchanging pet portraits for dog food, which he then donates to a local animal shelter.

Rich Banick, from Dunmore in Pennsylvania, will be taking pictures of pets for a 15 lb bag of dog food that will be given to the Griffin Pond Animal Shelter, reports

Dog owners can bring their pooch to the studio between March 24th and the 27th, where they will be given a complimentary five by seven inch picture of their four-legged friend.

Mr Banick told the news provider: "You can dress the dog up. Or have two or three dogs in the picture.

"I thought it was a pretty cool idea. I figured it would be something nice to do during the months when we're not as busy."

The photographer ran a similar campaign last year and revealed it had been extremely popular, collecting over 800 lbs of dog food.

Although some experts say never work with animals or children, Mr Banick revealed his own experience of the task had not been too strenuous.

"Every dog is different. Sometimes the dogs are really easy, and sometimes they're really curious. Last year, I didn't really have any problems or anything," he is quoted as saying.