UK's 'fattest pooch' has never had dog food

Friday, 8th April 2011

Many owners may give their pooch a little titbit from the dinner table here and there but the danger of feeding them a diet of human food has been revealed by one very overweight dog.

Cassie, a seven-year-old pooch from Warwickshire, was never fed proper dog food and was instead given pizza, crisps, chocolate, fish and chips and roast dinners, reports The Sun.

As a result of this unhealthy diet, Cassie ballooned to over nine stone.

After her elderly owner became ill and had to go to hospital, Cassie was taken to Dog's Trust re-homing Centre in Kenilworth.

Centre manager Sandra Wilson told the news provider: "Unfortunately, when owners treat their pets as if they were humans and feed them the wrong food, they're simply killing them with kindness.

"Cassie has been put on a diet to slowly bring her weight down, but she's more than three times the weight she should be."

Ms Wilson added that Cassie initially turned her nose up at dog food but is starting to come round to her new diet.