Two dogs rescued after being dumped in a playground

Thursday, 7th June 2012

Two Lurchers were rescued from a playground in Irvine after being thrown over the fence and abandoned.

The animals, one male and one female, were found after a man witnessed the incident and called the Scottish SPCA.

Had the man not contacted the charity, the animals would have been left without dog food and water for the whole weekend and the two bank holidays.

Stewart Taylor, SSPCA inspector, said: "It appears these dogs were lifted up over a six foot fence and dumped into the school grounds where they remained trapped until I was able to remove them.

"Both Holly and Willow are in satisfactory body condition and they are very friendly and affectionate dogs so it's likely they've been someone's pets up until now."

He added that the charity is keen to trace the owners of the dogs as abandoning an animal is a criminal offence.

Anyone found guilty of abandoning an animal can face being banned from keeping pets for a fixed period or for life.