Two porky pooches put on special dog food diets

Thursday, 14th June 2012

Two fat animals have been put on a special low-fat dog food diet and an exercise regime.

Janet and Anna, both mongrels, were brought into Battersea Brands Hatch tipping the scales at 61kg.

The sisters have so far lost 3kg each after a strict diet and a personal training programme.

Rose Bahler, rehoming and welfare assistant, said: "After their healthy breakfast they have their morning warm up, which is a short sprint or slow jog in one of our paddocks.

"Then we move onto a long stroll in the field. In the afternoon they have a tasty low-fat snack, and enjoy being groomed or spending time in our reception, before going for another walk."

Both Janet and Anna have also been banned from having calorific treats.

The dogs were born in Spain and then brought to the UK. Their owner sadly died and they were taken to the charity’s rescue centre in 2011.

Whoever adopts the sisters will have to continue their healthy lifestyle. Their ideal weight would be between 35kg and 45kg.