True cost of dog food revealed

Monday, 4th April 2011

People who buy cat food and dog food for their four-legged friends may be interested to discover how much they will spend over their pet's lifetime.

Research by Good Housekeeping magazine and Churchill Insuance has revealed that the average dog will set owners back £30,000 over 12 years and a cat will cost a total of £18,000.

The study follows news that many people across the UK are leaving healthy animals at rescue centres.

Caroline Bloor, consumer editor at the magazine, said: "When you consider the average dog or cat lives to 12 years old, the costs can and do add up.

"We hope that this study will help people understand that pets can be expensive and go some way towards stopping unwanted healthy animals being left at rescue centres, and in worst cases, being put down."

Good Housekeeping offered some advice to pet owners about how to keep the costs of owning a pet down.

It suggests that owners do cat worming and dog worming themselves rather than going to a vet.