Treats should only account for a small proportion of a dog’s diet, vet says

Thursday, 17th May 2012

A vet has said that treats should only make up between ten and 15 per cent of a dog’s total diet.

Pete Wedderburn, in his column in the Daily Telegraph, said that it is important to make sure a dog’s nutrition is balanced an healthy.

A reader wrote to him asking if it was ok to give her dog sausages for breakfast.

They explained that the animal has high-quality dog food for dinner, gets plenty of exercise and is not overweight.

Dr Wedderburn wrote: "Sausages can make excellent treats for dogs, as long as obesity isn't a problem. They're tasty, and rich-smelling.

"For other readers, if your dog is obese or has medical problems such as dietary sensitivities, you'd be better with a low-fat treat such as Coachies."

The PDSA estimates that if current trends continue, by 2013 almost 50 per cent of dogs in the UK could be overweight.