Tiny dog survives on mountain for over a week

Friday, 8th June 2012

A tiny dog was feared dead after going missing in mountains in Glen Nevis but he turned up eight days later unscathed.

Miniature Pinscher Pico went without dog food and weathered a storm after running away in May.

Owner Brian Shields, from Hertfordshire, had taken the dog on a camping holiday. He feared Pico had been eaten by a predator, such as eagles or wildcats.

Mr Shields told the Daily Mail: "It is a bit of a mystery how he survived we think he must have hidden under caravans and in camp sites.

"He is a tough little guy but he needs food - he probably rummaged through bins or maybe even ate grass - you never know what animals do when they are desperate."

Pico was discovered by walker Anthony Angus 900ft up a hill still wearing his dog collar and lead.