Tiny bat found living on dog food

Friday, 10th June 2011

A woman has found a small bat living on her supply of dog food, surviving for five months on the stuff.

Doreen Harben found the small creature in the bag of dried dog food when she went to feed her Collie Bob, reports dailyrecord.co.uk.

After investigations, the animal-lover found out that the bag of dog food had been sealed up five months earlier, meaning that the little bad had been stuck living on the dog food.

Ms Harben and her partner Ian nursed the bat back to health and gave it to an animal sanctuary being prepared to be released into the wild.

She told the news provider: "We kept it for two weeks wrapped up in a toilet roll tube which we kept in an ice cream tub in our boiler cupboard.

"I would go in every day to have a look and see how it was coming on. It was very cute and thankfully neither of us is freaked out by bats."