Tibetan Spaniels recovered after online campaign

Wednesday, 4th January 2012

Three Tibetan Spaniels are back at home enjoying dog food and toys after their owners launched a campaign following their disappearance.

Ivy, Harriet and Gus, owned by breeders Heather Simper and Elisabeth Scoate, were stolen during a raid on kennels in Upton, near Didcot, reports the Daily Mail.

The two women set up a Facebook page appealing for information and they quickly received tips on where their dogs might be.

One day after the dogs were stolen, leads suggested the animals were at a travellers’ camp 25 miles away.

Police visited the camp and found Harriet tied up outside a caravan. Gus was found nearby and Ivy turned up on the doorstep a few days later. The dogs were hungry but were not harmed physically.

Ms Simper told the news provider: "The theft left us feeling numb, it's like somebody stealing our children.

"But the support from the local community and the general public has been immense and we can’t thank everyone enough."

The search for another three dogs that were taken continues. The Facebook page is called Missing Tibetan Spaniels.