Think twice before getting a dog for Christmas, Cesar Milan advises

Wednesday, 28th November 2012

Families that are considering getting a dog for Christmas should give careful thought to how well they will be able to cope with a four-legged bundle of energy.

That's according to the world-famous 'Dog Whisperer' Cesar Milan who has explained that, while giving the gift of a dog over the festive season is not always a bad thing, people need to appreciate that most breeds are super-energetic and so need near-constant attention.

Speaking to the website, the TV celebrity advises families take the time to learn about different breeds and then also get to know an individual dog before taking on a new pet rather than simply choosing the cutest puppy at the local animal sanctuary.

Indeed, he adds that choosing a dog should be a "logical" and not an "emotional" process and all prospective owners should realise from the start that they will need to give their new pet the three most important things a dog needs, namely "exercise, discipline, affection" – as well as tasty dog food.

Just recently, it was announced that Milan will be touring the UK in 2013, bringing his unique insight into the canine mind to a number of towns and cities.