That's a foul: New dog loo to be introduced after pets mess up rugby pitches

Wednesday, 9th January 2013

A park in Wales could soon feature its very own public toilet for dogs, following complaints from locals that dog mess is becoming an increasingly serious problem in the area.

Many owners across the country are reluctant to clean up after their pets, especially if there is nowhere to dispose of the waste, but the situation at Parc Stephens in Kidwelly, South Wales, has now become unacceptable after several rugby matches had to be called off due dogs fouling the pitch.

The proposed new facility will include an underground tank containing special chemicals to break down organic matter, and owners are being urged to pick up their pets' business and dispose of it in the new doggy loo.

Allowing pets to foul on public spaces can pose serious health hazards to both humans and other animals, spreading diseases and parasites. For this reason, responsible owners should keep their pets' insides healthy with worming tablets and other pet medications, and always clean up the mess they make.