Supermarket ad makes pig's ear of dog's dinner

Monday, 10th December 2012

A recent TV advertisement has come in for criticism from animal welfare groups after showing a child feeding Christmas pudding to a dog.

Many of the ingredients in the dessert are in fact poisonous and potentially lethal to dogs, and some groups are now asking for the ad by supermarket chain Morrison's to be pulled.

The British Veterinary Association has issued a statement saying it is "disappointed" with the irresponsible commercial, and warns that while many pet owners understand what they can and can't feed their dogs, young children could be influenced by the advert.

Nick Sutton, health and information officer at the Kennel Club, has also voiced his disapproval and has reminded owners that many foods commonly enjoyed by humans – including raisins, sultanas, chocolate, avocados and nuts – can be extremely dangerous for dogs.

Whilst it's only natural to want to treat your pet over the festive period, we recommend keeping them on their regular diet and sticking to quality brands such as Skinners dog food and Senior dog food.