Sub-woofer: Charlie the dog is officially world's loudest barker

Monday, 25th March 2013

They say that some dogs have a bark that is worse than their bite, and that is certainly the case for one golden retriever from Adelaide, Australia, who has now entered the record books as the loudest woofer on the planet.

Charlie, who is owned by Belinda Freebairn, has now taken over the record previously held by London-based German shepherd Daz, who produced a bark that measured 108 decibels back in 2009.

However, it seems there must be something a little special in the dog food down-under after Charlie let out a staggering 113-decibel bark for the Guinness World Record adjudicators.

The average human pain threshold stands at 110 decibels, making the retriever's vocals particularly impressive for anyone who happens to be within range when he decides to make himself heard.

To put this into perspective, Charlie's bark is louder than a jet taking off 300 metres away or a helicopter hovering 100 ft overhead.