Student could be forced to quit college to keep eye on destructive pooch

Friday, 15th June 2012

A student from Northampton could be forced to quit college in order to ensure that her destructive pooch enjoys a diet strictly consisting of dog food - not her prized belongings.

Claire Riley has revealed that she can not leave her pet alone for more than 30 minutes at a time before the Staffordshire Bull Terrier begins destroying everything in sight.

Over the past six months, Pups has chewed through two laptops, a mobile phone and TV wires and an arm chair, leaving her 19-year-old owner with a bill of more than £1,500.

Miss Riley could now have to give up her college course in hairdressing and beauty therapy as she is afraid to leave her dog home alone.

"Pups is the cutest thing ever when I'm around but if I even leave the room she goes nuts," she said.

"She is hooked on anything electrical and literally eats my laptop. Once I lost loads of coursework I’d saved on my laptop because Pups ate straight through the back of it."

After failing to tame her rogue pooch, Miss Riley is now hoping to find a solution that will enable her to study despite being housebound.