Strict dog food diet can 'help' pets lose weight

Wednesday, 26th January 2011

Overweight dogs should strictly be fed a diet of pet food in order to lose weight, it has been claimed.

Ashley Wilbourn, writing for the Riverhead Patch, expressed his belief that pet owners should regulate their dog's diet so they do not put on any excess weight.

He said: "Weight management is a problem that affects many of our favourite canines. One way to prevent a weight management problem is to make sure you only feed your dog dog food - no table scraps.

"Also, make sure to give your pet the recommended portion size, usually listed on the side of the food bag."

Mr Wilbourn added that many brands of dog food now offer low-calorie alternatives which can also help lower an animal's weight.

A calorie-controlled diet should also be combined with a regular exercise regime to effectively combat weight issues, according to Mr Wilbourn.