Stray Romanian dog taken home to Warwick

Tuesday, 20th December 2011

A stray dog that lived around a building site in Romania wooed his way into the heart of a construction engineer from Warwick.

John Bagley would meet the dog, who he named Husky, at intervals of weeks and months on the building site and although he was told not to, he fed the animal dog food treats, reports

Husky would remember Mr Bagley every time he visited the area and eventually he decided to pay the £1,200 to get the dog vaccinated, arrange a home for him in Romania for six months and sort out a pet passport for him.

He told the news provider: "He'd come up and slobber all over me. He's an amazing dog.

"As contractors we were told not to get friendly with the strays. The authorities say if you feed them they hang around the site more.

"But if you've got a puppy staring at you, you’re bound to offer them a bit of meat from your sandwich."

Husky is now settling into his new home and has learned to understand commands, such as stop and cross, in English.