Staffie thinks she's a pig!

Monday, 28th May 2012

A Staffie currently residing at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home thinks she’s a pig, regularly snorting out dog food treats and making oinky noises.

Liberty, a four-year-old, was bought to the charity as a stray in October.

Since then, staff at the centre noticed that she looks and acts very much like a pig, with pink skin, black spots and a curly tail.

Nora Leniczki, rehoming and welfare assistant at the charity, said: "Liberty is just like a little pig. She has clearly done her hamwork, as she looks the part with her pink skin and black spots, and she wags her tail into a curly frenzy.

"She also loves rolling on her back and snorting around for treasure on the floor."

When Liberty was bought into the centre, she was suffering from a luxating patella, which meant her kneecap would move out of its normal location.

After surgery, she is now back to good health and is currently undergoing a physiotherapy plan to get her exercising again.