Spaniel sheds half her weight in less than a year

Monday, 19th September 2011

A pet spaniel is fighting fit after shedding half of its weight in under a year.

Molly developed an appetite for over-sized portions of Chinese takeaways thanks to her owner Amy Curtis but when she started to gain too much weight, Ms Curtis decided that urgent action had to be taken, reports the Daily Mail.

Vets warned Ms Curtis that Molly was twice the size she should be so she put her dog on a strict diet consisting of quality dog food.

"'Since there hasn't been any food in the house the weight has just fallen off her and she's got loads more energy," Ms Curtis told the Daily Mail.

"She still makes her eyes at people if they eat food in the house, but I make sure she sticks to her two bowls of dried dog food a day.

Animal charity Dogs Trust recently urged pet owners to ensure that their canine friends are always well hydrated during journeys and car trips.