Smelly dog…what are they feeding you?

Tuesday, 9th October 2012

Animal smells - most owners will be familiar with just how nasty they can be in both cats, dogs and even other species. And, just like us homo sapiens, your canine also has the capacity to cause embarrassment by breaking wind at inappropriate moments.

However, owners with flatulent dogs can address the problem by taking a closer look at the dog food they provide.

According to the North Carolina Veterinary Medical Association, not all dogs can consume food that others are able to easily tolerate. The organisation said that feeding your pet a 'simpler, easier to digest diet that is low in fat and fibre' could bring down the gate on gas.

In addition, owners should avoid feeding their dog soy products, beans, peas, spices, pectin and lactose, and should avoid a diet high in fermentable fibre.

Feeding your dog smaller portions of food can also prevent the excessive swallowing of air, thereby avoiding excess gas building up in the gastrointestinal system.

If the flatulence accompanies diarrhoea or a similar problem there are a number of types of non-prescription dog medicine owners can consider, and they are advised to consult a vet if the problem persists.