Simon Callow helps sleeping dogs lie

Wednesday, 31st October 2012

For pet lovers dreading the havoc Bonfire Night could wreak on their petrified pooch, an unlikely solution could be close at hand – a bedtime story to help your dog ignore the fireworks and drift off.

Renowned thespian Simon Callow has lent his cultured tones to A Dog's Tale, a short story specially penned to de-stress dogs during the November 5th celebrations. Mr Callow narrates the story 'Teddy & Stanley's Tall Tale', available to download here.

“Having two dogs myself I know just how terrifying the sound of fireworks can be to animals. I hope that lending my voice to the bedtime story can go some way to help petrified pups relax this Bonfire Night,” the actor stated.

The free audiobook, sponsored by More Than Pet Insurance, includes a collection of yarns supposedly written and recorded using several proven animal psychology techniques.

It was created with the guidance of Karen Wild, a dog behaviourist, who advised on the words, sounds and speech patterns needed to relax jittery canines.

Ms Wild explained: "Dogs understand certain sounds as inherently calming and to ensure the story would work, it was created using scientific evidence based on research of the canine mind and their sense of hearing."