Seek professional advice about aggressive behaviour as soon as possible, vet says

Monday, 2nd July 2012

People who are concerned about aggressive behaviour in their dogs should seek professional advice as soon as possible, a vet has said.

Sean Wensley, senior veterinary surgeon at the PDSA, made this comment after The Tonight programme on ITV, which looked at the current legislation regarding dangerous dogs.

He said that early socialisation and training is crucial to making sure a dog grows up to be friendly and outgoing.

"PDSA is urging owners who may have concerns about their pets’ aggressive behaviour to seek professional advice as soon as possible," Dr Wensley said.

"The first thing any worried owner should do is consult their vet who will advise them on the right approach for addressing anti-social behaviour and rule out possible underlying medical causes."

He added that owners should remember that most behaviour problems can be overcome with professional help.

The PDSA's recent Animal Wellbeing (PAW) Report found that 25 per cent of owners with puppies did not adequately socialise their pet, while 35 per cent said they would consider giving up their dog if their behaviour became a problem.