Scots reminded just how loving Staffies can be

Tuesday, 20th November 2012

Despite having something of a negative reputation, Staffordshire Bull Terriers can make for wonderful and loving pets thanks to their gentle natural disposition.

That is the clear message put out by Edinburgh Dog & Cat Home and the Blue Cross, in an effort to dispel some of the misconceptions that surround this misunderstood breed.

Unfortunately, a growing number of Staffies are being abandoned, due partly to the negative perceptions that have come to surround dogs who were once called "nanny dogs" because of their natural affinity for children.

The campaign, Staffies. They're Softer Than You Think, aims to raise awareness about the plight facing these lovable dogs and is being backed by local MSP and Cabinet Secretary for Justice Kenny MacAskill.

David Ewing, manager of Edinburgh Dog & Cat home, said: "Staffies get a raw deal these days, so much so that too many people wrongly consider the dog to be a fighting dog rather than a family dog.

"It's time we gave our Staffies a chance and got to know them for the lovely, friendly dogs they really are."

He added that any dog can be trained to be aggressive, but with the right owners, Staffies make great "loyal and loving" pets.