Schoolgirl raises over £1,000 from pet dog calendar

Thursday, 1st March 2012

A schoolgirl has raised over £1,000 for charity by creating and selling a calendar that featured pictures of her pet dog.

Sarah Cunningham used pictures of her dog Barney dressed up in various outfits. She sold the calendars for £6 each and managed to raise a total of £1,318, reports the Paisley Daily Express.

The money was donated to ACCORD Hospice. Sarah raised the money because her grandfather had volunteered for the charity and had also been a patient of it.

Barbara, Sarah’s mother, told the news provider: "We are all very pleased with the amount raised.

"We hoped that, by selling the calendars, we would get over £1,000 but we also had some donations and then Sarah sold some Christmas cards with Barney on them too and that gave her extra cash."

Ken Mathie, fundraising manager at ACCORD, added that they were thrilled with the donation.

ACCORD will celebrate its 30th birthday this year.