Saturdays launch A Dog is Not a Toy campaign

Wednesday, 31st August 2011

The Saturdays are urging people to realise that if they buy a pooch, they need to feed it dog food, walk it and ensure it has any pet meds it needs.

A new learning initiative between the Dogs Trust and Nintendo saw the girls launch the new campaign, A Dog is Not a Toy.

The band will feature in a forthcoming TV advert for Dogs Trust and Nintendo. The charity has developed a new education initiative so that education officers can use Nintendogs + Cats to help teach children about owning a pet.

Clarissa Baldwin, chief executive officer of Dogs Trust, said: "Our education officers are always looking for ways to help children understand the commitment that comes with owning a dog and using Nintendogs + Cats really helps to engage the children and make this learning fun.

"We hope this partnership will go some way to help turn the fashion for buying dogs based on looks alone into a passing fad."

According to Sky News, the campaign comes in response to an increase in the number of pets being handed into its rehoming centres over the last five years.