Rottweiler shares dog food with giant rabbit

Monday, 28th February 2011

A Rottweiler from Blackpool has revealed some maternal instincts by sharing his dog food with a giant rabbit.

Dave, a ten-stone six-year-old rescue dog, acts as "nursemaid" to a number of animals, reveals the Daily Mail.

Amanda Collins, Dave's owner, brought home an unwanted French giant rabbit, which is when she discovered her pooch's nurturing nature.

She told the news provider: "Dave just walked over to him and started licking him to clean him.

"Now they sleep together and I've even seen them sharing each other's food."

Ms Collins, 25, also looks after a number of other rescue animals, all of whom her gentle giant cares for.

"When I brought home some ducklings, he just went over to them and licked them on the head," she is quoted as saying.

Dave even helped the chicks learn to swim by lying down in a paddling pool so they could climb on top of him, Ms Collins added.