Robin Gibb's dog 'predicted his death'

Wednesday, 4th July 2012

The widow of Robin Gibb has said the singer's Irish Wolfhound predicted his death a few days before he passed away.

Dwina Murphy Gibb told the Daily Star that the dog, Ollie, let out a huge cry and seemed traumatised.

"Ollie was asleep at the bottom of the stairs and he let out this great cry, a deep primitive sound so strong he woke up and he was shaking," she told the news provider.

"I immediately ran upstairs because I felt it was some kind of a portent ... it was the biggest cry I've ever heard from a dog."

She added that she thinks Ollie knew what was going to happen and her husband left their house for the last time just days later. Ollie also sat by the Bee Gees star's coffin until the funeral.

Gibb died from cancer at the age of 62 on May 20th. He was buried on June 8th near his home in Oxfordshire.