Rex factor: dogs across the country enter talent competitions

Thursday, 13th December 2012

The X-Factor may be done and dusted for another year, but the doggy award season is still in full swing, with Lizzie the collie cross being crowned the most talented pet in Basingstoke.

16-year-old owner Cara McKinnon has taught Lizzie to perform a number of tricks, including retrieving her mobile phone, weaving between her legs and burying her head under her paws – and now her skills have been recognised by the local Gazette, which ran the competition.

Sadly, life hasn't always been such a thrill for the six-year-old, who was diagnosed with cancer two years and had to undergo an intensive chemotherapy course, before making a full recovery.

Elsewhere, the search is on for the most festive pet in Reading, with a local Santa Paws competition running to find the most seasonably dressed pet.

Owners have been buying their pets brand new festive wardrobes in an attempt to take the title, although we're sure a new dog collar and lead would be just as well received this Christmas.