Record number of dogs left at animal shelter

Tuesday, 19th April 2011

An animal shelter in Cheltenham has had to invest in more dog food after a record number of pooches were left at its doors.

The Cheltenham Animal Shelter received a record number of 62 dogs last year, reports

Of these pups, 26 are Staffordshire Bull Terrier-types. Staff at the shelter say that these dogs are wrongly perceived to be highly aggressive because of the breed being used as fighting dogs.

Spokeswoman Debbie Lake told the news provider: "It wouldn't surprise me if someone had paid £500 for a pup, but not put in the right education and training, so it started to chew up the house, as any dog would. It has then ended up here as a stray."

She added that because of the stigma attached to these dogs, there is a limited number of new owners coming forward to give them a new home.

Cheltenham Animal Shelter was set up in the 1930s. It provides kennelling for stray dogs from Gloucester city, Tewkesbury borough and Cheltenham Borough.