RSPCA warns against taking pups to Appleby Horse Fair

Tuesday, 7th June 2011

People considering packing up some dog food and taking their pooch to the Appleby Horse Fair have been asked to think again by a prominent animal charity.

The RSPCA is asking owners to leave their pooches at home because of the danger they could be placed in.

RSPCA chief inspector Rob Melloy said: "We are very concerned that an increase in visitors will result in larger numbers of dogs and the problems that brings.

"This is a horse fair and for the sake of both the horses and dogs, we are encouraging people to leave their pets at home."

He added that it is also a bad idea to buy or sell pups at the fair, as, during last year's event, a large number of puppies were seized and many turned out to have parvovirus.

This warning comes as enquiries to Appleby's Tourist Information Centre increased by 40 per cent compared to last year.

Around 40,000 people usually visit the fair, which is due to take place between June 2nd and 8th this year.