Quarantine Border Collie spared 6 months in kennels

Tuesday, 15th November 2011

A Border Collie from Hereford has spent the last six months eating Spanish dog food after its microchip could not be read by UK boarder officials.

Rather than have the animal, Summer, spend the six month quarantine period in kennels in Bristol, Loraine Norris decided to move back to Spain with her eight-year-old dog, reports the Hereford Times.

Ms Norris went back to Spain to wait for the six month to pass, after which time officials were able to read a new microchip.

Ms Norris said: "With the help of friends I survived there. I needed to come back as you cannot live on sunshine and that is all Spain has to offer.

"I just want to start living again because I have not lived for the last year. As long as Summer is with me she is fine."

The duo returned to the UK after a 38-hour car journey from the Costa del Sol.

To take a pet abroad, the animal must be fitted with a microchip, be vaccinated against rabies and must not have visited any non-approved countries for at least six months before re-entering the UK.