Pug makes good recovery after getting fish hook in paw

Friday, 7th September 2012

A Pug who needed emergency surgery after getting a fish hook stuck in his paw  has recovered well, but has to go on dog food diet to lose weight.

Buster was at high risk during the operation because he is a short nosed breed and overweight, meaning there were more risks of developing complications while he was under general anaesthetic.

Short nosed dogs are at a higher risk because it is harder to pass the oxygen tube, while overweight animals can have problems breathing when under anaesthetic.

Emmeline Macedo, deputy nurse manager at the Blue Cross Merton animal hospital, where the dog was treated, said: "Buster had a good recovery and was able to go home later that afternoon. He was given pain relief and antibiotics.

"We asked his owner to bathe his foot after walks in salty water to keep the wound clean until it healed properly."

She added that the owner was offered advice on helping Buster lose weight, so there would be less risk if he has to have emergency surgery again.