Protect your dogs from heat stroke

Thursday, 23rd June 2011

Make sure to protect your dogs from heat stroke if you want to make sure they remain healthy and ensure they always have plenty of fresh water as well as their dog food.

It is important to pay extra attention to your animal friends during the summer months, as they are not able to tell you if they are feeling too hot, according to

When pets are outside, remember to ensure they have access to plenty of shade.

Above all, remember that it can be fatal to leave pets in hot cars, even if you think you've left it in a shady spot.

"A dog's body temperature is normally between 101 degrees F and 102 degrees F. Dogs do not sweat like people; they regulate their body temperature by panting; panting expels the heat. If the heat is not expelled efficiently, the body temperature rises," it explained.

"A rise of three degrees in a dog to a temperature of 105 degrees F is life threatening, and when the dog's temperature hits 108 F degrees, the result is often fatal."

Meanwhile, cat owners have been reminded that lilies can be fatal to cats if they eat them.