Pope's pets to benefit from world's first dog food bank

Wednesday, 23rd January 2013

For thousands of years the city of Rome has been associated with the religious principles of charity and kindness, and it seems the Pope's teachings may be paying off after the very first dog food bank opened up in the city this week.

Angels of Fur has been set up by Melissa Jones and aims to provide free food, vaccinations and neutering services to dogs in the local area as families struggle to care for their animals in the wake of yet more economic instability.

In Italy, as in the UK, animal shelters have seen a huge increase in the number of pets being abandoned since the global financial crisis took hold a few years ago, and it is thought that initiatives such as this could help alleviate some of the pressure on re-homing centres by enabling owners to care for their pets without having to give them up.

A large quantity of dog food can not be sold in shops as its packaging gets ripped in transit, and Angels of Fur is now calling on stores and manufacturers to donate this unwanted food so that it can be distributed to needy pets.