Pooch survives without dog food 'for weeks' following rescue mission

Friday, 11th March 2011

After what could have been weeks without dog food, a lucky pooch from Bradford has survived following a major rescue operation.

The Bull Terrier, who has been named Butch by his rescuers, fell 30ft into Bradford Beck and broke two toes and bruised his shoulder, reports the Telegraph & Argus.

After three hours,12 firefighters, two dog wardens and the police diverting traffic, Butch was eventually lifted to safety.

Bradford District Station commander Chris Booth told the news provider: "Butch was so worn out we decided not to put him in a hoist and just pass him up to the top by hand. He was glad to be getting out and didn't put up a fight."

The wardens believe that Butch may have been stuck there for weeks. The lucky dog was coaxed out by the rescuers with dog biscuits.

Terry Singh, who manages the Council's Dog Service is now urging the dog's owners or anyone with information to get in touch with the Council.

Opal arrived last November and she now helps both Mr Waspe and Edward get around and the two Labradors get along well.