Pooch befriends meerkat

Thursday, 21st July 2011

A pooch from Derbyshire has taken to sharing its dog food with an unusual best friend - a meerkat.

John Bent and wife Sally rescued the meerkat, Timon, after it was savaged by other meerkats in the couple's outdoor menagerie, the Daily Mail reports.

Luckily, however, Timon struck up a friendship with the Bent's pooch, Poppy, who is a Chihuahua-Maltese terrier.

Mr Bent told the news provider: "They are inseparable. They pinch each other’s food but never get angry."

Mrs Bent added: "As soon as Timon came into the house he went over to Poppy they bonded instantly.

"Poppy has a special spot on the settee and she allowed Timon to share it with her. It’s where they fall asleep in the afternoon."

Timon even has its own collar and lead and goes for walks with its canine companion.

The couple take their pets to schools and hospices to introduce them to children and teach them how to care for animals.