Plymouth owners warned to keep dogs on leads

Wednesday, 22nd February 2012

Owners living around Plymouth have been warned that they should keep their animal on its dog collar and lead when walking it on the moorland outside of the city.

This is because Devon and Cornwall Police recently prosecuted a dog owner whose pet attacked grazing cattle on the moor on two occasions. The animal was destroyed and the owner was fined, reports the Plymouth Herald.

Sergeant Dave Anning told the news provider: "Farmers don't want to shoot the dogs, even though they are quite within their rights to do so, and therefore dog owners could easily find themselves in court, not only facing a fine of up to £1,000, but there is also the possibility that the dog may be ordered to be put down.”

He added that when people are walking their dogs, they should bear in mind that no one wants to see pets or livestock hurt.

Karla McKechnie, livestock protection officer for the Dartmoor Livestock Protection Society, explained that the court ruling shows how seriously police are taking the problem.